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Speculation tax

When are taxes payable on sales and how high are they?

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Agent commission

How much does an agent get and who pays the commission?

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Prepayment penalty

How much will the early repayment of your mortgage cost?

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Property value estimations
Online or on-site?

Online property valuation tools look at historic data of transactions to predict what a home is worth but they're often missing data, making them incomplete. Current market conditions or specific property details cannot be accounted for in an online valuation.

Local professionals can physically inspect a property to determine a realistic selling price. They list houses just like yours every day, know the neighborhoods, know what's trending and can call out unique characteristics on the property. No online tool can do that.

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Available Transaction Data

Compile selling prices from past years

Current offers on the market

How does your property compare to similar offerings currently on the market?

Recently sold properties

What was the selling price of recently sold similar properties?

Characteristics and condition of the property

A realistic selling price can only be determined after an on-site property valuation. Characteristics and the condition can make a big difference and cannot be accounted for in an online valuation

Current local market conditions

Are you in a buyer or seller market? What does the current market situation look like? What types of properties are in high demand? An experienced agent can answer all these questions and more.

Advantages of selling your property with an agent

Agents know the area best

Every neighborhood is unique. Local real estate agents understand the nuances.

Agents sell similar properties all the time

Online estimates can't speak to nearby buyers about what drove them to buy that house next door.

Agents are on your side

Their success depends on the ability to list your property at a fair price and sell it quickly.

No seller commission in many regions

The professional services of a qualiefed agent are free for the owner in many regions. That means as a seller you get to enjoy all the services on an agent for free. Find out how much the sale with an agent would cost in your region.

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