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Häufig gestellte Fragen

What is the KOMPASS property valuation based on?
The KOMPASS property valuation is based on data from comparable properties and is carried out according to the comparative value method. The data basis for this are real estate listings of other real estate sites as well as data from the real estate market reports of the municipalities and districts.
What can the valuation be used for?
KOMPASS's online property valuation is well suited for an assessment of the current value (comparative value) of your property, e.g. if you are planning to sell this property.
What is the valuation not suited for?
KOMPASS's online property valuation is not suitable for use in cases where a court-proof valuation by an expert is required. This is, for example, the case with court disputes, divorces, inheritances or tax matters. An online property valuation does not replace a legally binding expert opinion.
What happens after the valuation?
After the valuation you receive an overview of the current estimated value as well as the real estate price development of the last 12 months in your region. In addition, you can opt in for free price updates in order to follow the price development in the future.
What does it all cost?
KOMPASS's online property valuation is 100% free of charge for our users.
Why do I have to create a user account to see the result?
We are always looking to offer additional value to our users. A property valuation is just a snapshot of current prices. Users with our free account have the opportunity to track the price development of their property and thus find the best time to sell for the highest price.
What type of properties can be valued?
Currently you can get a free online valuation for single-family houses, apartments, plots of land and apartment buildings.
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